“Feeding the Creative Spirit” workshop a success!!

Great day all around at the “Feeding the Creative Spirit” workshop, held at The Newport Art Museum last week. Participants were busy making shadow drawings in the morning; spent time at mark-making stations mid-day, and, later in the afternoon, “worked into” shadow drawings with paint. Good vibes, good learning and tons of art-making at this SOLD-OUT, 6-hour art workshop in Newport, RI.

Working at the collage station

Working at the collage station

Drawing shadows

Drawing shadows

Adding paint to shadow drawings

Adding paint to shadow drawings

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“Feeding the Creative Spirit” workshop coming to Newport, RI

The Newport Art Museum studios will serve as the venue for an upcoming workshop “Feeding the Creative Spirit” that I’ll be co-teaching with artist friend, Emily Vickers. In case you didn’t realize just how beautiful the surroundings are, here’s a sneak peak …

Newport Art Museum

Newport Art Museum

















This workshop is designed to help you tap into your best creative energy and is for artists and non-artists alike. Come, explore and start making! Click here to sign up.



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Going back to my roots

Something is definitely getting very close to culminating in my creative process – relatively speaking. I had been painting, exclusively for over 10 years and suddenly (thanks to an honest conversation with friend and fellow artist), it occurred to me to move back to my roots (in fashion design) and finish what I started there…not with clothing – per se – but with experimenting and manipulating fabric as sculpture for the body and the performance aspect of a runway show.

So, that is what I’m doing…working toward a performance that will attempt to transport an audience to experience my inner world for 20 minutes or so.

Stay tuned for updates…and in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak …

IMG_1447 IMG_1448



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Preparing for “Feeding the Creative Spirit” workshop …

I visited the Fuller Craft Museum yesterday.

I’m kind of in love with this place …

The museum will serve as the venue for my upcoming workshop “Feeding the Creative Spirit” that I’ll be co-teaching with artist friend, Emily Vickers. We didn’t realize just how beautiful the surroundings are …

Fuller Craft Museum


Did you know that Fuller Craft Museum has serene 22-acre campus surrounded by over 700 acres of scenic woodland and the brilliant architectural landscape of Frederick Law Olmstead’s D.W. Field Park in Brockton, MA.? The Museum also has an award-winning 21,000 square foot building, sculpture garden, courtyards, and nature trails (like Caroline’s Pathway).

Entrance to the FCM

Entrance to the FCM




In the sculpture garden


View from inside the museum



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2014 Staff Invitational at South County Art Association

As many of you know, I have been teaching at the South County Art Association for a few years and I’m happy to be showing eight of my encaustic paintings in their beautiful gallery from July 10 – August 23.

Opening Reception: July 10 from 7:30-9:00pm

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 4.55.28 PM

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All at the same time

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I’ve not seen the show Shinique Smith:Firsthand – at LACMA through mid-July — and probably won’t make it to LA before it closes, but this work stopped me in my tracks. It feels like the convergence of old and new, random … Continue reading

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Susan Rothenberg, The Master, 2008

“In the paintings where it’s there—the tenderness—I work for it. I’m not afraid of it. If I could put my bleeding f*cking heart in there, I would.”

Susan Rothenberg explains how she transforms personal experiences and feelings into works that can become an “emotional moment” for the viewer.

Rothenberg talks about her work in this video from ART 21 on PBS.

Susan Rothenberg

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Subtle and Tender

Diebenkorn's Ocean Park no. 26

Richard Diebenkorn’s series titled Ocean Park is a testament to the true nature of making abstract work. Achieving this level of balance in painting takes time and fearlessness.

Layer after layer, although the artist didn’t know how the paintings in this series would look in the end – he proceeded and trusted that the images would evolve.

The work in this series needs time to get to know. It’s time that I happily give because the composition, mark-making and colors keep me circling back to want to look, again and again…

Watch this video of Sarah Bancroft, who curated an exhibit of the Ocean Park series, as she talks about Diebenkorn’s work.

Video about Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series

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Art and Fashion at Clad In – Providence

Dipped Paper Series

My encaustic paintings are featured alongside the beautiful clothing at Clad In in Providence through April, 2012.


This was an opportunity for me to curate my own work in a unique setting that incorporates one of my other passions – fashion



"Blurred", 2011, Encaustic, oil on panel

The simple clean lines and modern design aesthetic of the garments work well to offset the lines and marks in my abstract, encaustic work.

If you are in Wayland Square, take a look…

Clad In, 497 Angell Street, Providence, RI, 02906


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“Style” and Encaustic

I recently made the connection that the word style is derived from the Latin word  “stilus” meaning “stake or pointed instrument which the Romans used for writing on wax tablets”

This immediately intrigued me for two reasons:

Roman Wax tablet and Stilus

1. My paintings are made in large part, with wax.

2. I love seeing and collecting images of people’s individual styles. Whether it be fashion style or their home interior – I can’t get enough of seeing unique style.

Painting by Cy Twombly Painting using marks that resemble handwriting



Just as our mood or purpose might change our writing style – our handwriting always remains distinctively ours. As we change, we change much more than our handwriting. We change our style of dress, handwriting, word choices, home interior – always telling who we are in our own distinct way.



For me, painting is the purist form of personal expression, and seeing as I make my markson and with wax, I, like the Romans, am using mark making to express my style.

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