Armenia – Rich in texture and history

Yerevan, Armenia -Wall/doorway

My recent trip to Armenia was not only grounding for me as an Armenian visiting my motherland but also as an artist collecting for inspiration and connecting with fellow artists.

Inspiration was everywhere in Armenia -from the stone churches dating back to 500A.D. to this doorway/wall that I passed on the street in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city -rich with texture and history, like the rest of the country.




Edvard's work

At Vernisage, the open – air artist, craft and vintage market, I met up with Edvard Shatinyan, who’s work was a breath of fresh air in the fine art that was for sale. We connected immediately on everything from our feelings about abstract work to working with wax in our paintings. After a lovely studio visit, I was the proud owner of one of his pieces!

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