Cy Twombly dies at 83

Cy Twombly’s work, in my view, is the opposite of Conceptual Art. Venturing into the unknown when one begins a piece is to me, the whole point of making art. It’s about discovering, being present and capturing a moment in time. This is what Twombly’s work is all about…

Each line he made, he said, was “the actual experience” of making the line, adding: “It does not illustrate. It is the sensation of its own realization.” Years later, he described this more plainly. “It’s more like I’m having an experience than making a picture,” he said.

Read the NY Times article…


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You change, the painting stays the same.

People look at abstract work and say “I don’t understand”. Simply put (by Marden) “Of course you don’t understand – it’s complicated!”

This is a nice sneak peak into some of the actual thinking and painting processes behind abstract work. It looks simple, but it’s sooo not. Take a look.

Brice Marden

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Painter, Agnes Martin describes the “journey” of making art

Check out the video of the interview.



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Inspiration-Alexander McQueen

As I prepare to begin a new body of work, I can’t wait to see this exhibit Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at The Metropolitan Museum of Art that features the work of this amazing Fashion Designer during the course of his short but incredible life (1969-2010).  Using impeccable craftsmanship, this artist kept his work elegant and griddy at the same time. A perfect balance! And, one that I constantly aspire to achieve in my own work.

Check out the video about what promises to be an incredible show!Alexander McQueen


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May 12th-(trunk show style) Exhibit. Come see me!

I’ll be showing my work at a 1-day (trunk show style) exhibit along with 5 other artists at Re in South Kingston on Thursday, May 12 from 12-8. If you’ve never been to Re, this is your chance to check it out. Very cool shop. Visit them on facebook…

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Be imaginative in your everyday life!

Stylelikeeu video

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Encaustic Workshop a success!

Taught a 2-day Encaustic painting workshop over the weekend at RISD. Some really great work came out of the class. Also gathered some good ideas for the advanced class that I’ll be teaching this fall.

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Just got back from day 1 of teaching encaustic painting at RISD. Off to a great start. Back again tomorrow!

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